My Pony OC!

Soo, I’m bored so I’ll introduce my MLP oc to you!

Her name is Candle Light, she’s a light yellow unicorn with a lit candle for her cutie mark. So as you can guess her talent is creating candle and lanterns and the such. Her mane and tail fades from red to yellow, like a flame. She was born and raised in Ponyville, descoverig her talent late because her parent didn’t let her play with fire.(As they should have, they’re on a first name basiswith the fire department now) . She often experiments wit the different types of fire and even created cloud lanterns that follow(After much trial and error admittedly) After that she tried other things, accidentally creating a cloud Dragon egg which hatched, she named the dragon Daza and now lives with her as her daughter/ward. Candle once threw a fit when a scientist tried to examine Daza and insisted that she wasn’t a ‘real’ and that she should be sent somewhere for examination, that pony now runs in fear at the sight of flames. Candle currently owns a candle shop and lives above it.

So, that’s my OC, I hope she doesn’t seem too Mary-Sue!



(That wore me out.  As Scootaloo said, “coming up with words is like…really hard.”

Even before I started this blog I wanted there to be an alternate version of This Day Aria in which a younger Chrysalis dreams of being powerful one day.  Well, now there is one.

Chrysalis will be going back to answering normal questions now.  Hopefully updates will come more regularly, I don’t want anyone to think I quit.)

Best parody ever!


Sherlock season 4


I just read that Janine and Sherlock are actually going to become good friends in season 4 and that he will be taking her as his date to various things because he likes her as a person… They did not mention romantic feelings. I don’t know why, but I almost cried I was so upset. I do not like this idea. I hope they scrap it. My heart is forever broken.

THIS.CANNOT.HAPPEN!! What about Molly?!!